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Laurel Beechey - a mini-bio

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"The Skunk Lady Of Tillsonburg"

Starting with just two baby squirrels, Laurel Beechey has been rehabilitating wildlife for over 25 years. Over the years she has rescued, raised and released a grand assortment of orphaned squirrels, chipmunks, raccoons, opossums and skunks.

When a Theatre Teen showed up at her door about 14 years ago holding a single baby skunk, in a do or die situation, Laurel was not too sure she wanted to try rehabbing skunks.  Prior to the internet, little and/or no information was available on rehabbing back then and she was told they could not stink until 6 months old.

She learned quickly that all the old wives tales everyone tried to help her with, were wrong!  Somehow the first 'Flower' who ended up residing at Story Book Gardens in London, Ontario started a love affair with the odiferous striped kittens that just didn't stop.

Due to health concerns, Laurel is only able to personally rehabilitate a few
animals a year; however she is quite busy fielding hundreds of phone calls
every spring and summer and assists in finding rehabbers who can take some
of the injured or orphaned wildlife. She always manages to rehab at least
one litter of skunks every spring.

Laurel is a member of the Wildlife Guardians, a group of rehabbers and
wildlife lovers, in SW Ontario who meet over lunch to share information and
experiences with each other. 

With her desire to learn what's right for her charges, Laurel has spent years researching skunks and has compiled information from many sources.  Click here for Care of Orphaned Skunks, Part I, and Click Here for Care of Orphaned Skunks, Part II.
  You will require Adobe Acrobat  to read these files.  

When Laurel isn't raising her animals or fielding 'phone calls, she keeps herself busy with her theatre group and writes weekly articles for the Tillsonburg News.  Laurel has also been honoured as Citizen of the Year by the Chamber of Commerce.

For information or assistance with wildlife, you can contact Laurel at:
lbeechey@rogers.com.   Be sure to mention wildlife in the subject line.


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