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Updated: 22 Sep 2011
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My husband and I have always been passionate animal lovers and grew up with domestic animals all of our lives.  While we cared for baby robins, doves, squirrels and numerous other critters that had graced our backyard over the years, we did not realize our actions were illegal.  The wonderful and incredible experience we enjoyed raising them however, far outweighed the risks.  We often talked about increasing our knowledge base and familiarizing ourselves with more wildlife – a goal we thought impossible.

Fortunately, just prior to retiring from The Corporation of the City of London, a colleague and I were chatting and strangely enough, found out that we shared the same idea of raising wildlife.  Deb knew of a remarkable lady by the name of Carol Clarke, a licensed Authorized Wildlife Custodian.  Deb introduced Carol to my husband Horst and shared with him the wonderful world of rehabbing.  She offered both Deb and Horst the prospect of realizing the dream to raise critters.  Embracing this opportunity, I was somehow not surprised to arrive home one night, to find three furry little baby raccoons peeking through a milk crate! Horst and I both became foster parents under Carol’s license and, following our successful raising and release of “The Schliewinsky Triplets”, it was in our blood!

On one side, the general public was questioning the environmental impact of raising, releasing and overpopulating areas with wildlife; on the other, those that felt that as we humans were responsible for the displacement and/or accidental death (motor vehicle accidents) of existing wildlife, it was our responsibility to intervene.  While I’m still personally debating this argument, I will continue to do what I love to do until my integrity convinces me otherwise. 

Through our association with Carol, we became part of the Volunteer Wildlife Custodians (VWC), a group comprising the most wonderful individuals who all shared the same interest, compassion and love for wildlife.  Volunteering to rehab wildlife meant we would report to the Ministry of Natural Resources.  Meeting once a month, VWC provided an excellent resource and vehicle to share information and/or equipment; to socialize and to bring each other up-to-date on the latest rules and regulations from the Ministry.  We knew there would be policies and protocols to adhere to and that over time, rules would change; however, we could not fully comprehend the
impact it would have on our new adventure!  For more information on this and the Environmental Registry documents that outlines the impacts, please check out the MNR (Ministry of Natural Resources) page!

For those who were familiar with my first web site (Country Critters), they will know that it was inspired by and dedicated to my friend and mentor, Carol Clarke; however, Country Critters resulted in more of a personal site. My purpose in creating this web site was to focus on the issues at hand—the animals and the impacts of the Ministry of Natural Resources policies.  

This new website, R.C.S. Animal Care, is dedicated to a very special person in my life, an animal lover to her very core, my mum, Kay (1922 -1970).  I hope and trust she would be proud.

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Carol has been there for me every step of the way.  She never ceases to amaze me and is ready to give me assistance, advice, and/or share her infinite wisdom of the animals she lovingly cares for, raises and subsequently releases to the wild.

Following our introduction to Carol, and taking my first workshop on First Aid for Wildlife, I applied for and received my AWC license from the Ministry of Natural Resources and R.C.S. Animal Care was born!

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